PBCNC-38 CNC Pipe/Tube/Profile Bending Machine with Mandrel

PBCNC-38 CNC Pipe/Tube/Profile Bending Machine with Mandrel

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• New Design Body

• Electrical Accessories are SCHNEIDER mark

• Electronic overload protection system Available

Capacity of Pipe Ø x WallØ38 x 3 mm. Steel
Ø38 x 2 mm. St.Steel
Pipe/Tube Length Capacity4000mm
Max.Bend Radius [R]250mm
Max.Bend Angle5-185°
Bending Speed (rev/min)0-8
Bending Speed (sec) - Bending150 deg/sec
Bending Speed (sec) - Rotary Speed200 deg/sec
Bending Speed (sec) - Feeding1000mm/sec
Accuracy - Rotary±0,010 degree
Accuracy - Feeding±0,01 mm.
Accuracy - Bending±0,010 degree
Rotary Servo Motor [Axis-B]0,75kW Schneider
Servo Feeding Motor [Y-axis]1 kW Schneider
Hydraulic Power5,5 kW
Max.Pressure120 bar
Capacity of Oil Tank100 L
W x L x H (mm)1200x4500x1700
Weight2500 kg

CNC – CONTROL General Features
• 22” Industrial PC colourfull touch screen –SCHNEiDER
• 1000 different program Capacity(Each program has 16 different Bend Angle)
• Automatic and Manual Operational Options
• Safe working conditions (Error Messages)
• Foot Pedal Control for Safe Starting
• Controlling of Parameters by SETTINGS button
• Language Options :English /Turkish and simple interface)
• Drive and display communication protocols can open (drive) and modbus TCP / IP (Display)
• Bending motion on the screen, present sensitive monitoring simulation
• Protection; the security code for data adjustment and pre-choosen Operation features.
• Alarm feature ( provides big efficiency in failure situations)
• All components in machine automation will be SCHNEIDER Brandcan remote the machine from far away with mobile, tablet or computer
• The Industrial PC colourfull touch screen has an ability for 3D preview and prevent crashing
• Automatically calculation of length of pipe with the help of recipe program
• The speed of Servo motors can be arranged on the screen
• The machine Allows to storage Pre-prepaired recipe with USB key input

Mechanical Properties;
• [C-axis ]The bending arm is controlled by hydraulic piston and chain spindel
• All assistive motions are hydraulic. (mandrel, base, clamp, skidder,pens and mil carrier).
• Servo motor and carrier (Axis-Y). Servo motor and the control of rotation axis is (Axis - B). SCHNEIDER which allow high accurcy and speed is used as brand for servo motor, servo drivers and motion controller.
• Hydraulic Clamping Movement / CLAMP displacement adjustable
• Hydraulic Slider Movement (supports tube as bending)
• Hydraulic Flexible Ball Mandrel Retraction
• The bending process is followed by cubic sensors
• The hydraulic oil is cooling down by electrical fan
• Mechanical guaranty 1 (one year)
• Cesurbend spare parts and service guaranty is for 10 years